Making money and a reputation from Youtube

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In the modern day and age social media is everyone’s go to. Whether it be entertainment, information, or something specific people will mostly refer to popular social media sites for help. On some platforms such as Facebook or Reddit most of the work done is in specific communities by the people. On the other hand on platforms like Youtube you to search for the content you need or the system recommends it to you. Being a youtuber sounds impossible due the massive amount of dilation present however it can still be done.

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The process is long but can be summarized in a few key steps and moments.

1) Create a Google account

First of all create a new google account. You might face some trouble in the long term if you decide to do it through your old account. If you don’t want to make a new account that can work too but making a new account is recommended as it will provide you additional security and it will be easy to keep your personal and public lives separate.

2) Determine your skillset

Look into yourself and find your interests that you’ll be able to talk about. Make a list of things that you think are unique to you, things you are good at. You should be able to sell your specific skills in regards to the information you can give on your skill. You can do videos related to tech ,lifestyle ,household products ,entertainment and much more.

3) Scope out the competition

Search your interests out and see if the content you plan on creating has already been done and if so will you be able to make it better in your own way. You need to aim high and do your research before you make up your mind. This isn’t a final decision as there’s plenty of room for change. Keep your mind open and keep coming up with ideas.

4) Create your Youtube Channel

Come up with a catchy name that either reflects the type of content you plan on making or your own self. Make a profile picture and it would be good if it is made by you and not taken from the internet by someone unless ask permission for. Make something eye catching but remember not to overdo it.

5) Start uploading

Make a schedule to make and upload videos. Try to keep your theme consistent however a video or few once in a while can be off topic. Upload regularly and maintain a good track record.

The Do’s and Dont’s are as below


  • Upload regularly
  • Keep consistency
  • Upload only your own content
  • Abide by the community and copyright policies
  • Try to appeal to a wide audience


  • Reupload some else’s content
  • Make offensive content
  • Spend more than you can afford on equipment
  • Try to look for shortcuts
  • Try to cheat the system

As you might know trying to cheat youtube is extremely risky as there is an extremely high chance that whatever you are about to try has already be done and you will be caught for it. This will completely destroy your track record and put you out on the radar.

6) Keep working and don’t lose hope

Starting your journey will seem hard because of wait you might have to face. You might even in some case have to wait months for your channel to blossom but sooner or later the day will come and for that you must keep your work up. Sooner or later is does happen however if you neglect your channel the algorithm will not prioritize you.

7)Fulfill the requirements for monetization

As per Youtube’s policy you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months . The watch time however does not include shorts or ad campaigns. Don’t try and get fake watch time counts or subscribers as the algorithm will detect it and not count it towards the total in some cases might even blacklist you.

Other than this you need to have two factor authentication and have a good track record i.e zero ongoing community strikes.

Stay dedicated and motivated and you’ll succeed even if it takes time to build up your face base it will grow as long as you are giving it effort.