How to choose stylish tie or cravat

four assorted color neckties on gray textile

Are you worried with the thoughts about what is going to be in fashion in the current season, what colors are offered by the leading world brands and what you should wear to look classy and attractive?

We all know that style is important – Stylish people are more successful in business, styles people have more dates, styles people take more from this life, so what is there in Style Handbook that you cannot find in the Web?

There is some theoretical ideas, but without sales hype and unreal examples that you will never wear;

  • There are some ready-to-use color schemes
  • You will find a lot of ready-to-use examples

You will have not just style guide, but style guide with latest information about colors people wear in this season;

Style handbook: tie and shirt choice 2010 winter-spring season

In the current 2010 winter-spring season four basic colors are going to dominate including: black, white, gray and red. If you pick any of the mentioned colors you will be a hundred per cent sure to look totally aware of the latest fashion trends.

What is the possible way to work out your own unique style that will make you feel confident in any situation and will turn people around you into raptures?!

This handbook will help you go into current fashion trends quite fast and apply them to your own peerless style. Investment into your style is first of all an opportunity to learn how to dress in accordance with fashion requirements preserving your own unique image at the same time.

We are going help you with most important style-related issues, but we are not fashion magazine and we will not show your some unreal examples of what people can wear, we see our mission as:

Giving you ready-to-use examples of what you can buy and wear, including colors and textures;

Providing you with information on style without hype and useless talks about fashion;

Giving information about latest tendencies in a ready-to-use form, e.g. colors and their combination.

We share our ideas about what colors and texture should your tie have, how to combine the tie with your shirt and suite, we will provide you with options and you will be able to choose something you like!