how i earned money online as a stay at home mom

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In the current financial climate it is difficult for most families to make ends meet. I began
to see more and more of my friends having to take on a part time job
to supplement the household income. For me that just wasn’t an option.
As a stay at home mom to two small children I knew working outside of
the home was impossible, since the childcare costs would eat up any
additional income. That is why I started to look at ways to work from

Finding Work At Home Opportunities

The most difficult part
was finding a genuine work at home opportunity. I knew that with a baby
and a toddler to take care of it had to be something that would not
take a large amount of my time. Ideally I was looking for something
that I could do when the boys were napping and maybe a few hours in
the evening once they had gone to bed and the chores were all done.
I wanted to be flexible in my hours. That’s when I stumbled on network

What Is Network Marketing

Network marketing is
pretty much what it sounds like, marketing in a ‘network’ of people.
I like to think I am a people person and that I am fairly sociable –
or at least I was in the life before children! So I figured I would
be pretty good at this. Companies use network marketing to distribute
their products through reps paid only on commission. However, sales
reps earn commission not only on sales they personally make, but also
from sales made on reps they have recruited.

Choosing The Right Opportunity

I looked around at various
network marketing opportunities as I was looking for one without a large
initial outlay and I finally settled on Erigin Marketing. One of the
things that really swayed my decision was Eric’s
informative marketing blog which gave loads of useful
hints and tips to get me started. I remember being so nervous
when I signed up, but when I began to put Eric’s advice into practice
I began to realise just how easy this was going to be – and how fun!.

I am now making a nice
regular income which has boosted our family income and helped make things
a little bit easier financially, but more importantly I feel like a
valued contributor to our family once again. I am more than just a mom!