Active Recovery Workout

How many times have we heard no pain no gain? How many times have you also heard you have to live in the gym to attain the body you want? Well I would say the first 10 to 12 years of me working out I followed that same training principle of working out 6 to 7 days a week and taking very little rest days off. And I really believe that was the cause of me always going through longs plateaus of not improving physically, serious aches and pains and limited lean muscularity growth.

Once I started to really listen to my body and incorporate at least a minimum of 2 days a week of resting not active resting but resting then I could see quite rapidly that my body responded so well to that and I had minimal to zero aches and pains. I felt stronger and had more endurance in my workouts with involving more rest days and I had better gains. The loose definition of an active Rest Day is taking time from your usual training to perform lighter activities that don’t exhaust you but still burns calories.

A rest day is a rest day and a workout is a workout. Typically when I train I have my hard workouts during the earlier part of the week and my easier workouts during the latter part of the week. I don’t believe in active resting because you are still technically doing a workout and the only difference is that active rest day is different from your normal workout but it is just a lighter different workout. Why not just rest your body as opposed to doing something different and lighter?

Resting is the most important part of the building muscle and burning calorie process. When you work-out you tear down your muscles and when you rest your body your muscles are repairing from its workout. Without resting your body how is your body going to repair itself if you are still tearing down your muscles?

If you trained 5 days a week- Monday to Friday then you should rest Saturday and Sunday. There is no need for you to play soccer or play basketball on a Sunday as your body needs to rest and recuperate from the 5 days that you were weight-training and doing cardio. Rest means rest and that is actually what you should be doing plain and simple.

Just because you are a gym-rat and you love to workout doesn’t mean you that if you rest your body you are going to gain weight or lose muscle. If you are someone that trains all the time with very little rest you will probably make better gains if you took more days off to allow your body to recuperate. Your body builds muscle when it’s resting not when it’s working out.

You are not the terminator or a machine you are human being and your joints and muscles goes through the same aches and pains as anybody else so enjoy your rest and stop playing soccer on Sundays. Just rest!