A Champ’s Daily Routine

In our daily lives we neglect a lot. Our relationships, our feelings, our comfort but most importantly our physical and mental fitness. We fail to realize that no matter what we achieve it holds little importance in contrast to the decline of our fitness. We end up being livestock waiting for our inevitable demise. Most of us work off our lives till the point of no return, at which point we have not left other than brittle limbs and a half dead mind.

In order to make something of our lives we need to pay heed to ourselves. We need to pay attention to our needs as well as of those near to us. For that to happen we need to change our routines slightly or even completely if the need be.

What to do

As for the question that arises in most heads of what to do about it, the answer may vary for everyone but deep down it all will consist of a few basic principles.

First and foremost one needs to fix their sleeping routine. We all get the same 24 hours and it’s up to us to make the best of them. The fist step to take is have a sound sleep at night, the hours may vary but generally a sleep of 8 hours is recommended. However you also have to stay careful and not oversleep, as it carries a lot of side effects such as fatigue into your next day.

An Every Day Routine

Be an early bird and wake up earlier than you need to. Take a shower and get yourself cleaned up. Treat yourself with a healthy breakfast. Treat yourself right and your body will react accordingly. You have to keep yourself healthy as a healthy mind requires a healthy body to operate.

After that you need to go for your job. You will feel an odd satisfaction doing it if you put your heart in and go for it fresh. However make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Take it slow and take breaks in between for your leisure time and peace of mind. Focus on yourself but during work try not to think about irrelevant things. Make the hours you put in count.

After that when you come back and get some well deserved rest. Take a nap afterwards if you feel like it otherwise just lay down and close your eyes till you feel rested enough. Afterwards work out a bit or at the very least go out for a jog. Keep yourself physically active. Do whatever physical activity you want: go for jogs; join a gym; play some sports. This will keep you active and healthy.

A Proper Diet

This all however will have little effect if you neglect your diet. Eat healthy and according to your hunger and remember to never oversaturate yourself. Try to avoid soft drinks and fast food and stay hydrated. However you don’t have to completely restrict yourself to fruits and veggies, treat yourself right and enjoy life. Remember not to overdo anything as moderation is the key. Never bite off more than you can chew. Eat according to your needs and burn off the excess by working it out. This will not only maintain your health but might even improve it.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Try out different things and find yourself a hobby. It can range from reading to writing or play sports to playing some game just remember whatever you do it should keep you happy, occupied and relaxed. Again the important factor here is moderation.

Self Care and Positivity

Having a positive mind is the key to a positive lifestyle, if you manage to impose positivity in your subconscious not only will it will help you throughout your day but it will also help a lot in self improvement. You will start to care of your physical and mental fitness. You will start to go down a path of self care and improvement and it will help you in the long and short run both.

The Takeaway

All in all one needs to make changes in their life gradually and keep on improving on them. In the start it will seem superficial and hard however as time passes you will start to embrace these changes and start making more improvements without any external help and that’s when you know that you’re doing it right. Your mind and body will react according to your actions and this routine which seems hard on paper will start to feel natural and easy. Just remember these takeaways on the path,

  • Moderation is essential
  • Find a balance between staying occupied and resting up
  • Maintain a good sleep schedule and diet
  • Take good care of yourself and keep yourself a priority