Success leaves clues and there are 7 habits, 7 patterns of behavior and thoughts, which highly healthy people live by…people who have achieved health success. Learn to adopt the following 7 habits and make them your own so that when opportunity knocks you’ll be ready to open the door. Apply these to your life and watch it open up like never before!

1.Set Goals with Self-Honesty

. Goals create your future in advance. Goals initiate growth. Goals help develop success. Goals should be realistic, attainable. The first step in setting goals is to be honest about where you are at right now. The next step is to decide where you want to go. Next, understand why you want to achieve the goal. If the reason is important enough to you, you will make it happen. Finally, determine the simplest, straightest path to achieving your goal. Goals typically come in two forms, process and results. Process goals focus on how you are going to get what you want, the specific, realistic, practical, challenging but achievable things you can do each and every day to get closer to where you want to be. Example: I will exercise every day. Results goals answer the question of what you want to achieve. Example: I will lose twenty pounds.

2.Make Health a Habit

. Just like every other part of your daily routine, from brushing your teeth and combing your hair, taking care of your health needs to be a daily habit. Prepare and eat healthy food. Exercise daily. Take the time to energize your mind, body and soul. There are few things in life with substantial returns on investment. Physical health is one. Consistent investments in your health and well-being will transform your life.

3.Greet the day

. Give yourself 15-45 minutes of “YOU-time” first thing in the morning…could be exercise, meditation or reading. By doing this you will be amazed at how you begin to put positive energy in motion for the rest of your day. Think of it as a way of saying thank you for your life. Every day is a gift and be grateful for the ability to start your day this way. “The Morning Minute” Exercise . Before you get out of bed in the morning, begin each and every day with 1 minute of gratitude. Sincerely express gratitude for your life and the fact that you have woken up to the sound of the alarm to live yet another day. (At a subconscious level, this exercise sets positive energy in motion)

4.Be Passionate, But Patient with Proper Perspective

. Move forward with great enthusiasm but don’t expect change overnight. Mirror the Rhythm of Life and affect profound change- plant, water, maintain, harvest! Far too often steps are skipped in haste. Remember, the goal is to reduce stress, not add to it. Go easy on yourself!

5.Reward Yourself Along the Way

. Everyone needs to take time to enjoy life. When you accomplish a goal, reward yourself. Just make sure the reward is still consistent with being healthy. Take a moment RIGHT NOW and think of at least 12 things that you truly enjoy doing that compliment and support healthy, balanced life. Having said this, we are all human and we all have our vices. For many, it is fast food, chocolate, or some other edible delight. It is ok to make things like this one of your rewards. Just keep it in moderation, balance. Moderation is the key with most things.

Now, come up with your list of 12 positive rewards you desire for accomplishing your goals. Examples: Go to the beach and watch the sunset. Grab a cup of tea/smoothie with my best friend.

6.Surround Yourself With Healthy People

. As you attempt to adopt this new healthy approach to living, it is important to set up a support group of people around you that will reinforce your efforts. This group typically consists of a coach/trainer (you now have me), friends and/or family. If possible, seek out at least one person who will have your back no matter what- someone who won’t try to get you to eat a Big Mac and super-sized fries when you should be having a chicken salad and soup. Avoid spending too much time with those who constantly try to bring you down or tell you can’t pull this off. Consider joining a gym or some sort of club. Certainly, here you will find others who have similar goals and who are attempting to walk the walk.

7.Expect Turbulence Along the Way

. Mentally prepare yourself for interruptions. Know that there will be missteps, set backs, and plateaus. It happens to everyone. You are not alone. It is a natural part of the growth process. Through it all, remember that you are not defined by these set-backs. Instead, it is how you choose to respond that defines character. Finally, no set-back is ever too great to reverse. Period.